The eace09 builds technically on its predecessor, but still plays in a completely separate league. Since the eace08 was a completely new development, but the potential of its concept was far from exhausted, we decided to rework the assemblies throughout and optimize the vehicle's performance. Essential components in particular, such as the monocoque, the battery and the aerodynamics package, have been completely reworked and redeveloped. All in all, this makes the eace09 a very well-rounded race car.

Numbers. Data. Facts.

  • Highly integrated LV system
  • HV system with 80 kW power
  • In-house developed battery management system (HV and LV) in master-slave design
  • In-house developed control electronics (ECU) in modular design
  • Wide range of sensors like IMU, Heidenhain ECI1118 etc.
  • In-house developed central processing unit (Vehicle Control Unit)
  • Two highly integrated control unit boxes (rear and front) with modular mount design
  • 1 MBaud CAN bus system for analysis and internal communication
  • Weight of the harness: 1.3 kg

Technical innovations