Registration Quiz 2022                                          

Registration Quiz 2022                                          

On 28.01.22 it was time - the annual quiz day of the Formula Student was on for us as a team. In the qualification quizzes we are asked technical questions as well as questions related to the regulations, in which we have to prove our knowledge. The result is relevant for all teams, because the participation in the respective events depends on the success of the quiz; only the best teams get a starting place at the event.

Our preparation began in November of last year. We met as a team several times a week in the evening and calculated and solved tasks with the help of a self-programmed tool. The regular learning got better and better - the randomly generated quizzes were solved by the team not only with fewer errors, but also faster.
In January '22 we started an even more intensive preparation phase by not only solving quizzes from previous years to compare ourselves with our score and time at that time - we also met with other Formula Student teams via Zoom to work through tasks from other teams for a change. Many thanks in this course to the teams for their mutual support.

Last Friday was the day we had been working towards together. The registration quizzes for all events were coming up and were spread out throughout the day.
Our quiz day started with the registration quiz for FS East. Hopeful, we waited for the go at 11am - our goal was to secure a good scrutineering priority for our team despite pre-registering in the DV class due to our success at FS East '21. However, as the actual quiz began, it became apparent that pre-registered teams did not have to, or could not, participate in the quiz. Thus, we had our first success secured and a boost of motivation for the upcoming quizzes, as we now knew for sure that we would be in the DV class at FS East '22!
At 1pm we continued with the registration for FS Germany - as expected, this quiz took by far the longest. Despite pre-registration, we also participated here with a desire for good scrutineering priority. A few days after the quiz came the happy news: we successfully completed the quiz in 20th place and would thus be qualified for FS Germany '22 even without pre-registration, where we will compete in both the EV class and the Driverless Cup.

After a short break in the afternoon, the qualification for the FS Netherlands started at 5 pm. Here we already received the results in the evening of the quiz day - unfortunately we could not do as well as in the other quizzes and it was only enough for a place on the waiting list.

The last qualification of the day, the one for FS Austria, started at 7 pm. Here, the know-how of the whole team was proven once again - despite pre-registration, we were able to secure qualification here as well! However, a ranking was not published and we are eagerly waiting for the scrutineering order, which will be communicated shortly before the event.

Overall, we are proud of what we were able to accomplish together as a team on quiz day. We are now qualified for FSG, FSEast, and FSA and will be competing in these events this summer.

However, the team is not resting after the registration quizzes - the fabrication of the new car is already in full swing and we are looking forward to presenting our new race car to the public!