Support our team with your cell donation!


We at Ecurie Aix are more than 70 students from a wide range of study programs, who work together as a team on one common goal: to build the fastest student race car in Europe.
Over the period of one year, our fascination and ambition motivate us to turn our ideas into reality. All this is only possible through the great commitment of each individual and our great team spirit.

The completion of our Formula Student racing car is not only a great opportunity for all members to gain practical experience, but above all a fun and passionate project.

This year we are working on the implementation of our second “Merge-Car”, an electric vehicle that races both autonomously and with a driver on the racetracks.

There are many aspects that lead us to a strong racing car; for the electric powertrain, our high-voltage accumulator is essential.
It will consist of 276 lithium polymer cells, which, when interconnected, can output an impressive output of 80 kW.
Building our battery is not only a difficult task from a technical point of view but also financially a big challenge for us, since we purchase all the cells externally.

We therefore ask for your support in the form of a cell donation.

What does cell donation mean?

You have the opportunity to directly support the team with one (or more) of the 276 cells in our accumulator. As a thank you, your name (or company name) is put on the battery container. With the donation of several cells, the supporters can look forward to an additional small gift.
The cell donation is a direct way to help our team achieve our goals and -literally- give us power for the upcoming season.


Donation amount/cell: 29,90€

To become a cell donor, please fill out the form below and transfer the donation amount of the cell(s) with the reference "cell donation [last name]" to the following account:

Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V.
IBAN: DE09 3905 0000 1073 2787 47