Rollout 2022 - Welcome Aileen!                     

Rollout 2022 - Welcome Aileen!                     

We had a common goal in the last weeks and months - finish manufacturing our newest vehicle, the eax01, and present it on the rollout. Since the beginning of this year's season, the revolutionary car was planned, developed, designed & manufactured together. The special challenge: Due to a major change in the regulations, we have developed a vehicle that has been reworked from the ground up - so the eax01 is able to participate in the various disciplines at the events both with and without a driver.

In the early morning the preparations for the big presentation in the evening started: The auditorium, where usually lectures take place, was rearranged & suitably decorated to offer a nice ambience to our guests. At the same time, some team members were in the workshop to make final preparations on the vehicle and get it ready for the rollout.
Thanks to the strong effort of the whole team we were able to present Aileen to you last Monday at 5pm in the main building of the RWTH Aachen University - we are very proud of what we have achieved together as a team in this short time and are happy about all the guests who were there and celebrated with us on this special day, but of course also about everyone who joined us online via our livestream.

After the rollout, however, the season is far from over. Now we are working hard to get Aileen on the track and to get all systems up and running and tested before the competitions start. We are looking forward to the upcoming events and hope that Aileen can prove herself in the event summer.
First we go to Spielberg to compete with other teams in the Electric class at Formula Student Austria. Afterwards we will go back to Aachen for a few days to test again on our test track and optimize all systems before we will compete in the autonomous class at the FSEast in Budapest. The crowning finale will be Formula Student Germany, where we will participate for the first time in the club's history with a vehicle in the disciplines both with driver and autonomous.
A very big thank you to all our partners & supporters for the great cooperation - without your help our work would not be possible!

Your Team Ecurie Aix


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