New year and start of manufacturing                     

New year and start of manufacturing                      

After a short Christmas break, our team is back in full operation. With the design of the components completed, we can now start manufacturing our new race car. This means that in the next few weeks every member will be integrated into the manufacturing process and together we will start with the carbon manufacturing, for example for our monocoque.

As in previous years, we can again count on the support of our numerous partners. The first components from external production have already been manufactured and many more will follow in the coming weeks.

Much progress has also been made in the electrical groups. The Ecurie members of Driverless Software are currently working on software prototypes by revising the existing modules. As soon as the weather permits again, these concepts will be validated and optimized in our autonomous previous year's vehicle, the eace07.d, in the testing phase.

Designs are now being finalized for the circuit boards of our new race car, then ordered, built and tested.

At the same time as we are in production and development, we are training as a team for the qualifications at the Formula Student events this season. The qualification is done for the different events in Germany, Austria, Hungary etc. in form of a quiz, which covers different theoretical topics of mechanics, electrical engineering and the regulations. The quiz training for this requires a lot of concentration and time, but is an important step for a successful season.

In addition to the technical progress, things are also going well in our "Statics Team"; Besides the Business Plan, they are also working diligently on the implementation of the Cost Report and the Engineering Design Event in order to be able to present them successfully in the next event summer.

All corners of the Ecurie are currently hard at work to fight for a successful 2021/22 season! Effective teamwork as well as striving for a common goal has gotten us this far and will continue to motivate us to do our best!