Design Weekend                                 

Design Weekend                                 

This weekend we had our second design weekend of the season in the workshop.

The intention of such a weekend is on the one hand to make progress in our design process for the new vehicle, and on the other hand to use the time together to do interface work and to get to know the team better.

Before the weekend, concrete goals were set for the individual groups in the team so as not to lose sight of the big goal, our new vehicle.

The workshop was also rearranged so that all team members had a comfortable workplace and could work as productively as possible.

All in all, a lot was accomplished in the three days: vehicle parts were designed, new concepts were worked out, the software for the new vehicle was programmed and optimized, and our calendar for the year 2022 was finalized. And that is only a small part of the work that was done this weekend!

The next step for us will be the completion and then the production of the vehicle. We want to start this at the beginning of the new year to lose as little time as possible.

We will continue to give our all in the coming weeks so that we can present our new vehicle to you in all its glory next year!


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